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Physical Therapy

What is Physical Therapy?


Physical Therapy can be utilized for several different purposes, all of which are extremely beneficial to the patient. Physical Therapy can be used to help you move better while also relieving pain. It can be used to help you recovery from surgeries, as well as for long-term health problems, such as Multiple Sclerosis or Osteoarthritis. Physical Therapy can help improve mobility, relieve pain and the use of prescription drugs, and can also reduce the need for surgery. 


We have a wide range of therapy equipment adaptable to numerous problems and conditions. Important therapy modalities include ultrasound, multiple types of electrical stimulation devices, paraffin, hot packs, cold packs, ice, small whirlpool and traction.  Splinting equipment and supplies for customized hand and arm conditions are also present in the office.

Resources & Links
Therapy Services​

Hand and Wrist Injuries

Post-Op Rehab

Nerve & Tendon Injuries

Elbow and Shoulder

Neck Pain & Headaches

Back, Hip, Knee, and Leg Pain

Auto Injuries & Strains

RSD/CRPS & Sensitivity

Golf & Sports Injuries

Joint Replacement Recovery

Facial Palsy


Specific Exercise Programs

Manual Therapies

Ultrasound & Modalities

Soft-Tissue Techniques

Electrical Stimulation


Custom Hand Splinting

Desensitization Programs

Functional Retrainings

Functional Dry Needling

Sports and Performance

Sports Functional Movement Screening

Selectice Functional Movement Assessments

Golf Fitness Screening

Golf Injuries Assessment

Athletic Fitness Programs

Return to Sports Programs

Kinetic Sequence Tests and Analysis

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